How do you know that the company afford to obtain more credit facility?

Taking on a debt if you have a reasonable need, a sound financial track record, a firm financial history, and stable business, most banks, finance institutions, investors, etc will be willing to lend you the money. Funds are required for different reasons. It could be the need of cash itself, or the need for the financing to purchase machinery or more equipments, even better acquiring big assets such as a property. It is alwaysContinue reading “How do you know that the company afford to obtain more credit facility?”

Data Capturing,Transactional Allocations and Reporting

Data capturing is important in every business, not for future use only but for the end results. We need to make sure that we understand how each transaction affect our books, as that will have an effect on our reporting. 1. Capital – at no point should money put into the business by the ownerContinue reading “Data Capturing,Transactional Allocations and Reporting”

5 Accounting Categories that every Business Owner must understand.

There are 5 categories that I always emphasise that every entrepreneur must know and be clear about, for them to understand their businesses better. 1. AssetsThese are valuable items with a long lifespan. Assets are extremely important in any business as we use them over and over again to generate income. We have 2 typesContinue reading “5 Accounting Categories that every Business Owner must understand.”

Getting out of Debt

Getting out of debt I am sure this may be one of the difficult exercise you may need to embark on. But for a healthy environment is deemed necessary to happen to create a positive environment for yourself. Let us first realise that the decision to cut off your debts does not only involves payingContinue reading “Getting out of Debt”


Many business owners are unaware that growth and scaling are not the same. Growth is defined as an increase in capacity, operations, and revenue, but this increase comes with a concurrent increase in costs for the company to earn more money. Scaling entails gradually and steadily expanding a business to sustain its growth over time.Continue reading “SCALING YOUR BUSINESS”


It is a new year and one of your new year resolutions may be to start a business. Whether as a side hustle or full-time it doesn’t matter, it is still a business. I have compiled the following few pointers to assist in building your entity 1. Register your businessHaving your entity registered will sortContinue reading “ADVISE TO A NEW AND EVERY SMALL BUSINESS OWNER”

Helpful Financial Tips in planning for 2022

1. Learn to budgetWorking within a budget assist us to remain in control of our spending. Budget serve as a guideline to remain in control of our finances. If you know how much your monthly income is, and are able to write down your expenses in order of importance this will help you to notContinue reading “Helpful Financial Tips in planning for 2022”

The important of Independency in Business

Business is not easy, we are most likely the generation that is classified as the ‘FIRST’ to embark in this entrepreneurial journey in our families. And that is thanks to our young democracy.It is also understandable that in your early years in business you will feel the need to have some form of support orContinue reading “The important of Independency in Business”

Saving Cash as a new Business Owner

1. Run Your Business From Home This is one of the easiest ways you can start saving a lot of money that comes into your business. With this, you have to carry out the feasibility of your business within the area from where you want to operate first. Rather than waiting to raise cash toContinue reading “Saving Cash as a new Business Owner”