Business Relations

In business, we build relations as we connect with different people on different levels. But how we connect varies. We connect with some as our customers and some as our associates. At times we are customers to others – if you observe closely, it is actually a chain.

On this blog I would like to emphasize on the importance of creating and building business relationships. There are certain requirements though that qualify us to be associated with certain individuals. And this will then measure the quality of the relations we are going to build.

1. Have pure valuable content
It doesn’t matter the industry you are in, businesses are built on similar principles. Your content will be built based on experience, often this is the one we need most unlike the ones we read about from the books. When we share real experiences that many relates to, it makes your content so pure and can easily engage on the solution or better approach. Your work will create content for you, the one that you will share and add value to others. It is then when you realise how important you are to your community or circle!

2. Do not over-burden your relations with “support my business” quotes
No one is obliged to be doing business with you. Just because we connect does not mean I am now obligated to be your customer. Business relations are not limited only to this type of transactions. You may sell to them without making it seem you are being pushy. If you choose to do things this way – I am afraid you might loose potential associates that you were indirectly going to benefit from. We need to also remember that a business is not built solely on sales hence relations are also very important.

3. Invest in yourself and your business
Just like in our own careers, business also need us to be in the know of what is happening around us. It could be in current affairs or just industry changes. We cannot depend on what we knew when we first started our businesses. We are living in evolving times, things changes all the time. Being equipped with relevant info help us to be more valuable to others. We cannot expect to always be on the receiving end. Business relations are also a transactional. They are a give and take kind of set up. We transfer skills, knowledge and experiences. Much as you expect to receive, you must also be willing to give.

4. Relationships are nurtured
As an entrepreneur, you already know how important networking is to the life of your business. But it’s not just about creating relationships with key individuals, other businesses, customers, and vendors. Your ability to foster and maintain these relationships is what will set you up for the growth and long-term success you crave. You need to keep in touch even if you don’t need anything. Give without expecting anything in return.
Business relationships are like watering a plant. Try to manage them with proper care especially if you value them.

Business relationships are key to business success!

Compiled by Ms. Dikeledi Seoloane on behalf of Matsobanemetja Business Consulting – Accounting Firm.

Published by Matsobanemetja Business Consulting

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